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Hanco Technologies has been dedicated to providing large, midsize and smaller organizations with software solutions that truly add value to their business. We serve various markets such as manufacturing, distribution, retail, transportation, agriculture and pharmaceutical sectors.

Hanco Technologies offers a comprehensive family of intuitive, full featured WMS mobile solutions which provide automated data collection (ADC) via barcoding or RFID crucial to managing enterprise operations inventories and assets throughout the supply chain. Our flagship product TRAFFIC™ was developed to increase order and inventory accuracy, reduce inefficiencies, enhance revenues, reduce costs and improve margins.

Our TRAFFIC™ software solutions operate either as an independent or integrated system. It is designed to enhance existing enterprise systems through automated data collection (ADC) using barcoding or RFID capable functionality. TRAFFIC offers features specific to your industry along with the ability to be flexible as your company grows. Our Design Studio Suite allows the software to adapt to your future needs and requirements.

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TRAFFIC™ software provides customer specific product labeling, packaging and control of labels plus a complete integration of a variety of business systems throughout the organization. We will also recommend the barcode or RFID hardware required to offer a total solution to the customer.

A Barcode/RFID Automated Data Collection system such as TRAFFIC benefits an organization by:

  • Minimizing mistakes made through data entry
  • Faster data capture, thereby lowering costs
  • Making Inventory Management easier
  • Reducing Revenue Losses from Input Errors
  • Reducing Inventory Levels, save on capital costs
  • Faster Access to Information
  • Regulatory Compliance (track, trace product lifecycle)

General TRAFFIC Software capabilities include:

  1. Real-time or batch processing
  2. Creation and printing of barcoded/RFID labels